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The SuperNova is one of the most advance suits in the market. Designed with the best lines to perform and accent the body, made out of ultra cool 4-way flex fabric that allows your body to breath without letting the wind pass thru the suit. Our performance material is only available in black, charcoal, navy red and white, with the capability to get printed to any Pantone color or in custom graphics you like. Just provide us with hi-resolution graphics or your custom design ideas and LiquidSky will create your work of art at an additional cost. The neoprene sections are available in a wide variety of colors as well as our threads. You will never fly a suit as awesome as this.

This model is available in:

• Dynamic Tunnel Suit: Tunnel suit designed for dynamic flying. With perfect lines and superb look, the SuperNova is the most advance pattern design for a flying suit. Its lines` shape help the body articulate where its necessary and has the best range of motion with will ever find in a wind tunnel suit. Articulated arm and legs for more flight comfort. Cordura knees and elbow for better protection from the tunnel walls.
(Only available in stratum cut)

• Speed Swooping Suit: The faster you go the smother you swoop!!! Our new speed Swooping suit allows you to go even faster on your speed or distance rounds. All your rounds will feel better and faster, a mix of neoprene articulations and our ultra cool 4-way flex fabric, this suit will fit like a glove,while still providing you with protection down to the calf with Cordura knees and Cordura butt for those fast slides. RSD Pocket can come standard behind leg or as a belly band pocket. Tested and approved by world champion swoopers!!!
(Only available in stratum cut)

Base price starting @
– Dynamic Tunnel Suit $660
– Speed Swooping Suit $610


Stratum Cut: If you are looking for a very tight or skin-tight fit, then this is your choice. A skin-tight fit built with our ultra cool 4-way flex fabric and a combination of our 0.5mm neoprene custom design for LiquidSky in a wide variety of colors in the market.
*Stratum fabric is available only in black, navy, red, charcoal and white but if you like custom printed fabric we will turn the white into any color or print. (Custom printed fabric is extra cost. Estimate $75.00 per section of the body). The neoprene sections are available in a wide variety of colors as well as our threads. Ask us about pricing and design before ordering specially if is a design specific option. Recommended Cordura butt for sliding protection.

Please contact our team members to help you with anything you need at info@liquidskysports.com or call us direct 818-391-6070.

NOTE: The Dynamic Suit is design for the wind tunnel, although not design to be worn with a Rig you can jump with it if you like. Suit fit varies when you use it with or without a container, Having a container might pull up the legs and torso making the suit shorter and cordura knees will be out of place.


Suit includes:

– STRATUM Stretch fabric
– Power zipper with locking slider
– Cordura knees
– Cordura elbows (only on dynamic tunnel suit)
– Neoprene crotch
– Neoprene semi-high collar
– Elastic arm cuffs and leg cuffs
– Magnetic chest flap
– Cordura Butt (only on Speed Swoop suit)


– Cordura Butt (only on dynamic tunnel suit)
– Shirt pocket
– Custom Dye Sublimated Print
– Costum Embroidery