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Lunar is a more tapered fit than the Liquid Original and Ozone with just enough articulation at knees and elbows good for flexibility but if you are interested in going fitted and have maximum articulation, we recommend you check out the COSMO suit.

This model is available in:

• Sky Suit: The Lunar is first generation articulated suit. Comes from the same shell of the Liquid Original but has articulation at knees and elbow for some flex, still very popular in its category.
(Only available in straight and tapered cut).

• Two Piece Suit: Very similar to your full suit but with the option of dividing the top from the bottom. Simply wear it as a a pair of pant of just use the jacket. Both pieces join by tucking in the shirt waistband. The pant waist closure has a clip on belt and a snap waist flap.
(Only available in straight and tapered cut).

• FF Pants: Basic pant design, very popular for the summer hot days or jumpers that don’t like wearing a suit but still like the extra features that a FF Pants offer. The waist closure has a clip on belt and a snap waist flap.
(Only available in straight and tapered cut).

• Swoop Pants: These are the most popular swoop pants on the market and choice of preference of the PD Factory Team, Team Alter Ego and many other world class swoopers. The pant runs down to the calf, and the waist closure has a clip on belt and a snap waist flap.
(Only available in straight and tapered cut).

Base price starting @
– Sky Suit $389
– Sky Suit Shorty $369
– Two Piece Suit $414
– FF Pants $239
– Swoop Pants $229


Straight Cut: The most popular fit for this model. It has a comfortable fit around your torso and straight cut arms and straight cut legs. This fit is determined on the size of your arms and legs, it will run approximately 4in wider in diameter than your calf measurement and approximately 3in wider in diameter around the forearm both going straight down to the cuff.

Tapered Cut: Very fitted cut all around the body. The arms and legs have very little room for drag, don’t think it is a lot, when we say tapered we mean tapered. Not recommended to wear thick layers under this suit. Lycra under layer is recommended. Keep in mind that we cannot go super tight at the cuff area because you still need to fit your foot thru the hole, the tighter the harder it is to fit.

NOTE: Fit varies when you use it with or without a container, Having a container might pull up the legs and torso making the suit shorter and cordura knees will be out of place. Please contact us for questions regarding fit, wearing a container may affect the leg length 3-5 inches in length.

Suit includes:

– Double layer butt
Racing collaricon-camera
– Neoprene lower back
– Neoprene elbows
Shirt pocketicon-camera
– Elastic arm cuffs and leg cuffs
– Neoprene crotch
– Neoprene laterals
– Neoprene knees
– Snap button chest flap


Full body athletic meshicon-camera
– Cordura knees
Clean cut leg cuffs with stir-upsicon-camera
Magnetic chest flapicon-camera
– Smart phone pocket
– Double layer legs
– RDS pocket
– Cordura Butt
– Clean cut arm cuffs
Power zippericon-camera
Leg pocketicon-camera
– Double layer arms
– Cordura lower legs