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Galaxy Order Form

DESIGN YOUR SUIT: Not ready to place an order, but still want to design a jumpsuit? To have an accurate representation of your suit, you must make a selection for: Suit Style, Suit Type, Suit Cut and Extra Options. If you do not make these selections before designing, the final image of the suit may not be accurate.BEFORE you fill in this order form make sure you have the HOW TO MEASURE FOR A JUMPSUIT video ready to run. Please try and fill in your form at the same time you watch the video, this is a very helpful tool for getting measured for your new suit. You will not be able to provide us with the correct measurements if you do not follow the video. We have a lot of measurements and you need to fill them out correctly so we can provide you with a good fitting suit. This website is responsive, feel free to adjust the size of your browser window and play our video side by side clicking the "Open video in new window" link so you can do both things at the same time.

(Numbers only, no signs.)

Suit Type and Cut

Tapered: Very fitted cut all around the body. The arms and legs have some room for drag, don’t think its a lot, when we say tapered we mean tapered, not recommended to wear layers thick layers under this suit. Lycra under layers is recommended. Keep in mind that we cannot go super tight at the cuff area because you still need to fit your foot thru the hole, the tighter the harder it is to fit.

If you are looking for a very tight or skin tight, then this is your choice. A skin tight fit built with our ultra cool 4 way flex fabric and a combination of our 0.5mm neoprene custom design for LiquidSky in a wide variety of colors in the market. *Stratum fabric is only Available only in Black, Navy, Red, Charcoal and White but if you like custom printed fabric we will turn the white into any color or print. (Custom Printed Fabric is Extra Cost) Estimate $75.00 per section of the body. Ask us about pricing and design before ordering specially if is a design specific option. Recommended Cordura Butt for Sliding protection.

Extra Options

These cost extra but they are well worth it!

Full body athletic mesh does not come standard and is highly recommended.
This option will be quoted based on amount and complexity, please contact us to discuss prices and options.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Please submit a .DST file otherwise digitizing services may be required with an extra charge depending on artwork.
Don't forget to specify color combination you want the final embroidery to be.
Don't forget to specify colors. If an image is necessary, please email it to "info@liquidskysports.com".

Suit Colors

This option starts at $40 extra.
If you check "Yes", we will contact you regarding design once we are ready to get started with your new suit. Prices may vary depending on print complexity and hours of labor.

Choose your colors

BEFORE DESIGNING - YOU MUST MAKE A SELECTION IN EACH OF THE SECTIONS ABOVE: SUIT STYLE, TYPE, CUT AND EXTRA OPTIONS. iF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE THESE SUIT DETAILS BEFORE COLORING, THE SUIT DESIGN WILL NOT BE ACCURATE.We have matched our fabrics to Pantone Colors. The list has the LiquidSky colors we offer and in the image provided, there is a pantone color chart for reference. Please compare them to have an idea of what your colors will look like. We still cannot guarantee an exact match for every color but will do our best to match them! Differences in fabric lots, manufacturers, and even computer monitor color calibration might cause differences in tones. "This program is not available as a mobile app"

Click to view color guidelines.

LiquidSky Logo Options

Your browser does not support SVG
(We recommend a different color than your Front Shirt Color)
(Thread color used to assemble your suit, pants.)

Measurement Notes
All measurements are in inches and pounds.

Make sure you enter your correct body measurements and watch the instructional video (at left)!! We will not accept random measurements from anyone. If you decide to place the order like this we will not process it, so please don't.
We won't accept verbal orders or emails asking us to make you a new suit using your old order form. You need to place a new order every time you want a new suit.
If you are a returning customer and want to use measurements on file, please contact us for a copy and then submit the order with those measurements. We are not responsible for your new suit not fitting properly if you choose to order with old measurements due to weight gain/loss or body changes. If you want to order the same model jumpsuit with the same measurements, please also mention in the comments section.

Upper Body Measurements

A: Center back of neck to wrist
C: Center back of neck to elbow
K: Shoulder tip to shoulder tip on your back
B: Neck
D: Chest
(Make sure you take this measurement horizontally at nipple level. Don`t allow tape to be lower on the back. Measure at least four times until you get the widest number most times.)
AP: Armpit
HH: Hipbone level up to arm hole
I: Neck Base to Hip bone (where neck meets trapezius down to hip bone)

Do not look down!

J: Back: Neck Base to Hip bone level
note: this one should be 2 inches shorter than measurement (i)
L: Neck Base to Niple

Do not look down!

TP: Thinnest or Widest Point
M: Bicep (Flexed)
T: Elbow circumference at elbow tip
FA: Forearm at widest
O: Wrist

Lower Body Measurements

(Make sure you measure at your Hip Bone for all measurements referencing the waist)

N: Waist (at Hip Bone level)
note: Do not measure over baggy pants. Keep the measuring tape close to the skin.
E: Waist to Floor (at hip bone level)
Wearing Shoes Please
G: From waist to top of knee (from hip bone to top of kneecap)
F: Hips/Buttocks (widest point)
H: Thigh at widest point (horizontally, approximately 1-2 inches below crotch)
U: Knee circumference at knee cap
P: Calf at widest point
Q: Ankle
CF: Crotch to Floor (wearing lycra material or no pants, make sure tape touches your body)

Stand with legs shoulder width apart. Do not look down!

Wearing Shoes Please

R: Neck under crotch to back of neck

Wearing lycra material or no pants. Avoid taking this measurement wearing jeans, cargos or baggy pants. If you must wear pants, make sure they are pulled all the way up

S: Waist in front under crotch to waist in back (at hip bone level)

Wearing lycra material or no pants. Avoid taking this measurement wearing jeans, cargos or baggy pants. If you must wear pants, make sure they are pulled all the way up


Comments - For Official Use Only

Finishing Up

I read, watched, and followed all recommendations (including watching the measuring video) and did not wear bulky clothing when measured. I agree that I am fully responsible for any fit errors due to incorrect measurement. I also understand that the colors chosen can be different in tone from what is shown on the Website or what LiquidSky may have provided me. Colors on the computer screen (or taken by any camera) may be affected due to lighting. Also the manufacturer, lot, or the material of fabric being used might make the suit ordered different in tones. It is nearly impossible to match different materials even though they might be similar in name. I am fully responsible for my order and to contact Liquidsky to get all my colors and different material questions cleared prior to ordering my suit. Materials are constantly being bought, changed, and even discontinued.

We will email you with a final quote before the order goes into production.

Call for RUSH service: (818) 391-6070