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The Originale-KS is is made from high quality 500D and 1000D material complemented with elastic in the shoulders, lower back, crotch and laterals allowing you to feel comfortable and fresh. The inner Athletic mesh on the suit keeps you running as cool as possible when driving under high temperatures making your suit dual layer.

Being made with abrasive resistant material its helps you feel safer in case of contact with the track. For any hot surfaces.

Having the options of making this a fully custom suit, we can offer hundreds of design ideas to make this a unique Karting suit. Just tell us what you want and we will sketch it for you. Be unique!!!

Feel free to customize your colors in any way you want or add as many embroidered logos as you need.

We also offer custom printed fabrics.

Originale-KS base price starting @

– $450.00


Originale-KS  Suit

Made from high quality 500D and 1000D material in a wide variety of colors.

Cut Styles:

– Straight
– Tapered

Suit includes:

– Full cordura base
– Full body athletic mesh
– Racing collar
– Inner shirt pocket
– Spandex lower back
– Spandex arm cuffs and leg cuffs
– Spandex crotch
– Spandex laterals


– Clean cut leg cuffs
– Clean cut arm cuffs
– Neoprene
– Power zipper
– Quilting
– Custom design (appliqué technique)